Monday, 27 September 2010

Schoolproject 1: Cannonade

So, one of the projects im participating in at school is to make a 3D short of a gun crew in the Swedish fortress Karlsborg. The time period it was active was after the disintegration of the Swedish empire (Yes we had an empire back then). Sadly for the fortress it was outdated before it was even finished, still it remains as a museum.

So, the cannon I'm making will be of the design they had at Karlsborg, its main use was to shoot grapeshots at advancing russians (the grapeshot being a hail of small bullets, turns the cannon into a massive shotgun).

This is how far i've come, still need to optimize it somewhat but the design is complete.

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Second post

Oh, seems like I just figured out how to submit photos, major breakthrough!

(Edit: As for the picture, Started out as some sketching, then evolved into an entire dragon/colour/scales study.)

First blog thingy

Soo... first blogpost. If you've stumbled here you prolly know me, otherwise congratulations, youve found an unknown blog on the internet.

Back to seriousness though, on this blog I will post my progress as a game artist and perhaps some other nonsense I find important. I feel that I should have started blogging earlier but its never too late to start I think, going the third year of studies in (artistic) game developement at the university of Skövde, Sweden.

The blog will as you can see be in English... cause its the language of the internets, and why am I writing this? I think there was just some bizarre need to do so. ;D